How much is a plumbing camera inspection?

26 August 2021


Plumbing problems and issues with your pipes is somewhat of an inevitably. Unfortunately, your plumbing and sewer system cannot stay in perfect condition forever. Leaks, blockages, and clogged pipes are some of the most common issues that people find in their plumbing system. However, thanks to advancements in technology, plumbers can use cameras to look inside your pipes to identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

 How does a camera inspection prevent drain and pipe problems?


The process of putting a camera into your pipes is actually extremely simple for plumbers to perform. They simply attach a waterproof camera to a long wire cable, which is then pushed all the way into your pipes. The feed from this camera is then projected onto a high resolution device so that the plumber can see what the problem is (if any) or if there is anything present in the pipes that might cause future plumbing issues.

 How much does a plumbing camera inspection cost?


Video camera pipe inspection costs vary from one plumbing company to another. The main reason the prices differ so vastly is due to the type of equipment that each company has invested in.


The general ballpark range that you can expect to pay for a camera inspection is between  $230 to $2,600. In addition to the equipment used, other factors that can affect the cost of your camera inspection include the length of the drain, the type of property and the access to the drain.

 What are the benefits of a plumbing camera inspection?


Here are some of the greatest benefits of using a plumbing pipe camera for drain and pipe inspections:

 Saves time and labor


As you can imagine, using a drain camera minimizes time spent on a drain or pipe inspection and reduces the amount of intensive labor required. Thanks to the inspection camera system, there is no longer a need for plumbers to cut into walls or pull apart pipes in order to identify what the problem is.


This benefits both the plumber and the customer. It is less work for the plumber and allows him/her to free up space in his/her schedule in order to take on more jobs. It is also beneficial to the customer as the labor costs and inspector fees are lower.


 Accurate readings


Thanks to the high definition of the video camera, camera pipe inspections are extremely accurate. Despite the small size of the camera, the monitor picks up all and any issues that might be present. In fact, the small size of the camera works to improve the overall accuracy of the reading as it ensures all the tiny areas that are unable to be reached by human hands can be inspected thoroughly with the camera.

 Easy to use


As the video inspection is so easy to complete, it means that plumbing issues can be solved quickly and future problems can be prevented. If you even suspect a small problem, you can call a plumber that has a drain inspection camera to avoid costly pipe repair work in the future.


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 When your plumbing needs a camera inspection


Knowing when your plumbing needs a camera inspection is not necessarily easy as there are a few different things that could possibly be wrong inside of your pipes. Below is a list of the most common plumbing issues that require a camera inspection:

 Slow Drains


If your sinks are draining slowly, there is a good chance that something is clogging your drain line, sewer line or sewer system. If this is the case, the camera will easily pick this up and the problem can be solved with a thorough sewer pipe or drain pipe flushing.



Although pests are easy to spot when they are running around your house or nesting in your trees or garden, it might be more difficult to know when you have pests hiding in your pipes. Pests in your drain pipes can cause two main problems.


Firstly, if you have a large pest, such as a rat, or a bunch of cockroaches in your pipes, it will inevitably cause blockages. Secondly, if the pests managed to get into your pipe, it may be due to a crack in the pipe, which will need to be sealed as soon as possible.

 Sewage blockage


A blocked sewage pipe is one of the worst plumbing issues. If it appears that the sewage is coming back up from only one toilet or sink, it is likely an isolated incident, if it is coming from multiple toilets and sinks, then it might be a problem deeper within your drainage system. Regardless, for both types of issues, you should look into a plumbing camera inspection in order to sort the problem out as quickly as possible.

 What are the purposes of a camera inspection?


The main purpose of a camera inspection is to identify any problem that might be present within the drains and pipes in your home. Moreover, if you do routine checks on your drains and sewer videos are continuously taken, it will help you prevent future issues. Although you will be paying an initial upfront cost for these regular checks, it will be worth it in the long run as you will be saving money by preventing the need to do big repair jobs.

 Pipe deterioration testing


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