How much does a plumber cost in Quebec?

8 June 2021


Anything that has to do with the system of pipes, tanks, and fittings needed for the water and gas supplied to your home, as well as systems to remove waste from your home, is referred to as plumbing. From repairing leaky faucets to building sump pumps, plumbers can do it all. They can fix or replace your water heater, as well as install a sink in your garage.

If something is wrong with your plumbing system, you can get it fixed as soon as possible. Water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage in a short period of time. The sooner you address the problem, the better off you and your wallet will be.

How much do plumbing contractors charge?

A plumber’s hourly rate can vary from $58 to $261 or more, depending on the type of work, the timing, and the venue.

Flat-Rate vs. Per Hour

Plumber Average Cost Per Hour

Before trip fees and materials, the average hourly rate ranges from $91 to $156. Rates differ widely, with some as high as $260 and others as low as $58. The plumber’s pay, insurance costs, union fees, overhead, supplies, car repair and lease, and tools are all included in this hourly rate.

Flat-Rate Plumbing Services

Simple service calls, such as replacing a toilet or faucet or unclogging a drain, normally cost between $130 and $520 if your plumber provides a flat rate. The more complicated the work is, the longer it will take and the higher the parts and labour costs will be.

Average cost of a plumber in Quebec

  • A Journeyman’s or Apprentice’s Average Hourly Pay

A journeyman’s hourly wage ranges from $20 to $44 per hour, with a median wage of $32. A journeyman’s salary is usually half that of an apprentice. These expenses are solely for their salaries. Their salaries, plus overhead, insurance, supplies, vehicles, car costs, and ads, will be reflected in your final bill.

  • Hourly Rates for a Master Plumber

A master plumber will set you back somewhere between $30 and $97 per hour. They’ll most likely be on hand to supervise the jobs of apprentice or journeyman contractors.

Plumber for residential work

Plumbing Systems and Pipe Repairs

Leaks or micro-leaks can cause damage to other parts of your home if your plumbing system is old or damaged (floors, cabinets, etc.). Plumbers take a look at your current setup and make any required plumbing upgrades.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings Installation and Repair

  • Valves and pipe fittings
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Dishwasher

Plumbing for Your Construction Projects

Have a big renovation or residential building project in the works? Plumbers are your go-to source for preparing and implementing your home’s plumbing installation. You can rely on Plomberie Pro-Drain to provide you with a fair bid at an unbeatable price.

Water Damage and Prevention

Water damage from ageing infrastructure can be avoided. Plumbers can help you with the following:

  • Installation and maintenance of sump pumps
  • Inspection and maintenance of a rain drain or a French drain
  • Inspection of the piping
  • Non-return valves, backflow prevention systems

Price of a plumber for commercial work

As a business owner or trader, you have a small amount of time to devote to the smooth operation of your company. As a result, you’ll need a reliable partner to take care of your plumbing installations’ maintenance and repairs.

Your industrial kitchens and public restrooms must be kept up to strict guidelines. Plumbers can ensure that your installations are always compliant. A plumber’s hourly rate for commercial work would vary from $100 to $160. The CMMTQ’s reference hourly rate is $ 103.21.

Factors that affect the cost of plumbing services

The location of your residence

Plumbers may have to adjust their prices if you live in a more remote location. The bill will also be higher if your plumbing work necessitates the assistance of several plumbers.

The condition of your plumbing system

Depending on the size of the project and how complex it is, replacing your plumbing will cost anywhere from $455 to $2603 or more. A more detailed breakdown of plumbing repair projects and their costs can be found below.

Sinks, faucets, and toilets are the most popular fixtures to be replaced.

  • Installing a new sink will cost anywhere from $260 to $683. The cost can vary depending on the design and whether you are installing it in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • The cost of installing a toilet varies from $260 to $683. The cost varies depending on the brand, form, and time between replacements.
  • New faucets range in price from $195 to $455, with a discount if purchased in conjunction with a sink project during a remodel or renovation.

Bathtub and Shower Costs

  • The cost of replacing a bathtub ranges from $1,300 to $6,500, depending on the model you choose and the surround that goes with it.
  • Shower installation costs are somewhat more expensive, ranging from $1,560 to $7,158. They are made of fiberglass, acrylic, tile, and glass, and are often a combination of these materials.
  • Tub and shower liners range in price from $1,952 to $5,336. Consult your general contractor about installing acrylic linings.

Water Pressure Regulator Replacement

The pressure from the main line flowing into the house is reduced by a water pressure regulator. It protects your home’s pipes from pressure surges. A regulator will cost anywhere from $325 to $455 to replace. The portion itself costs about $65, with labour and time accounting for the remainder. Installing it can take up to three hours.

Valve to switch off the main water supply

Code necessitates the use of a water shutoff valve, which is needed to operate on most home plumbing issues. Shutting off the water is the first step in many plumbing repair projects. You should expect to pay between $227 and $325 to repair your main water shutoff valve. Since the supplies would cost undisclosed amounts, the majority of this cost will be labour.


Outside of normal business hours, plumbers often get emergency calls. As you can imagine, off-hour repairs are generally more costly. Weekend, holiday, and after-hour jobs can cost you more, either in terms of an hourly wage or a flat fee, or a mixture of the two.

Fees range from $130 to $455 for a flat fee or a trip fee (potentially more in extreme cases). Be sure to inquire whether this is in addition to an hourly rate from your plumber.

Rates range from $91 to $520 per hour. Depending on when the call comes in, most bill time-and-a-half to triple their hourly rate. Evening work is time-and-a-half, weekends are double-time, and holidays are triple time!

Other factors

You may have other messes to clean up after a plumbing problem. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to contract a third party to assist with water damage repair. To get your home back to where it was before the plumbing issue, you may need new carpeting, drywall repairs, or electrical work done.

Here are some extra costs and resources to think about for your project and budget:

  • Rates for Electricians
  • Sod installation costs range from $195 to $650
  • Prices range from $1,822 to $6,898 for landscaping
  • Prices for carpet installation range from $260 to $3,254
  • Drywall Repair Costs $390 to $1,041
  • Water Restoration Costs $1,301 to $5,206

What is included in the price of plumbers in Quebec?

  • Plumber’s salary
  • Vacation from work
  • Health & Safety (CNESST)
  • Social advantages
  • Employment insurance
  • Compensation fund
  • Training fund
  • Health service fund
  • Qualification fund
  • Régie des rentes du Québec
  • Quebec parental insurance plan
  • Contribution to the residential sector
  • Contribution to the CMMTQ
  • Contribution to the AECQ
  • Entrepreneur’s license
  • Contractor’s license bond
  • CCQ direct debit
  • Service vehicle
  • Security equipment
  • Tools and equipment
  • Other expenses (administration, advertising, etc.)

Need plumbing services?

Trust Plomberie Pro-Drain’s team of seasoned experts to provide you with the best quality and value for your money.

Residential Services

Your home’s water supply is particularly important for both convenience and health reasons. You should not leave anything to chance; our licenced professional plumbers will ensure that the plumbing systems in your home or business are up to code and in accordance with the law.

If you need to unclog a toilet or a shower drain, or if you need significant plumbing work for a building or renovation project, our team of experts has the tools, equipment, staff, and experience to ensure that all of your installations are secure, safe, and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Commercial Services

We have 20 years of experience in the industry, so you can rely on our expertise in terms of building codes and specifications for commercial and industrial buildings. Work will be completed quickly to ensure that your installations last as long as possible.

Other services we provide include:

Contact us for all of your plumbing needs, including residential, commercial, and industrial. If you’re on the south shore or the north shore, our plumbers provide prompt, courteous, and personalized service in the greater Montreal area and its environs.

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