Pipe Deterioration Test - Camera Detection and Smoke Test

At Plomberie Pro-Drain, plumbing diagnostics and leak detection are our specialty. Pipes, joints, sewers or drains in poor condition in your home or business can lead to many problems such as vermin, unpleasant odors and water leaks and can have a great impact on your health. Therefore, it is recommended to act quickly and contact a certified plumber for a quality inspection.

Our experts perform leak tests on your pipes and ducts to pinpoint the source of leaks and infiltrations in order to make the necessary repairs.

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What Types of Tests Are Performed?

Two types of tests can be performed depending on the client’s needs and situation:

1) Smoke Test for Pipe Leaks

Smoke tests are used to detect deterioration of drains, sewers, pipes or plumbing lines that may be causing water leaks, vermin and odors.

The smoke used to perform this test is not harmful to humans, animals or plants. There is an odor to enhance leak detection by smell, but this odor disappears after adequate ventilation of the area.

Benefits of Smoke Testing

  • No loss or damage caused by unnecessary excavation to try to detect leaks. Excavation can also be very expensive to perform and repair.
  • Smoke can get through very small cracks and crevices. This means that the smoke test is very reliable in finding even the smallest problems.
  • There is no need to clean up after a smoke test. Only good ventilation of the premises.

2) Camera Inspection Test of Pipes

Camera inspection tests are performed to identify sources of blockages. In fact, if you are considering selling your home or buying a new property, a camera inspection of the pipes could save you many problems and easily save you thousands of dollars.


Perform an Emergency Pipe Leak Test

It is recommended to regularly inspect your pipes and plumbing lines to prevent potential problems. If you notice any signs of deterioration such as unpleasant odors or water damage, don’t wait until your next appointment and contact Pro-Drain’s emergency plumbers as soon as possible.


Gas Leaks

If you think you have a gas leak in one of your drains, act quickly and call Plomberie Pro-Drain. Some gasses can be harmful to your health. Moreover, gasses can be dangerous if they are flammable. Let us test your drains for leaks and find the problem quickly.

We offer a 24/7 emergency service. Our experts will come to you with the necessary equipment in a timely manner to perform the tests and fix the problem quickly.

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Reliable Experts at Your Service

Pro-Drain’s team has over 18 years of experience in the field to meet all your residential, commercial or industrial plumbing needs. Our experts are qualified to offer you the best solution in a fast, safe and efficient way. After our repair, excavation, or inspection of your drains we even make sure that the site is properly cleaned.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with one of our experts, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to offer 24/7 services to meet your needs at any time.

Work Plan After Establishing Your Needs

After a smoke or camera test, we will create a work plan with you. If we find a deteriorating pipe, drain or sewer, a water leak, or vermin or gas infiltration, we are just the team you need by your side. Renovation planning will be put in place to ensure your well-being and health. Your home, business or industrial premises are in good hands. Don’t worry about it!

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