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Pro-Drain is able to perform preventive plumbing or repair work on your French drain or storm drain.

If you notice water or wet spots around your property, you should consider installing a French drain. Drainage is essential to protect the basement and foundation of your home or business. If water ever seeps into these areas, many problems could occur. It could seriously damage your foundation and mold could form.

What Is a French Drain?

A French drain is essentially a ditch in the ground that contains a perforated drainage pipe on a bed of crushed stone. These pipes effectively direct water away from the foundation into a catch basin.

The installation of a French drain prevents water from accumulating on your property and around your home and protects your foundation from moisture and humidity. You can choose between an interior or exterior French drain.

What Are the Consequences of Water Infiltration

How to Detect Water Infiltration?

If you notice condensation in your windows, unpleasant odors, mold, cracks or water damage in your basement or around the foundation, you most likely have water infiltration in your property.

It is recommended to act quickly and contact an expert before the problem gets worse. If you wait, the cracks in your floors and walls will get worse and the foundation of your property will weaken. In addition, the higher humidity level in your basement could cause the proliferation of mold, which could affect the air quality in your property.

When to Plan a House Drain Replacement?

If you notice any of the situations described below, we suggest you contact plumbers and check if it presents a risk to your health. Be sure to do a proper inspection for older construction by looking for:

  • Wet concrete;
  • Moisture odor associated with infiltration;
  • Mold odor associated with poor drainage;
  • High humidity level;
  • Presence of water, presence of mold, presence of efflorescence;

Water infiltration can pose serious risks to your health and your home. This is why you must act quickly if you detect signs of infiltration. Contact Pro-Drain for all your plumbing needs: we also have an emergency service available.

French Drain Repair and Installation

If your soil regularly collects water, installing a drainage system could be a good solution. Indeed, the installation of a drain will allow you to remove the excess of water in the soil and avoid the consequences related to a possible water infiltration. In the opposite case, the infiltration could seriously damage your residence or your business and affect your quality of life.

The excavation required for installing or repairing a French or rain drain is a complex operation that involves several risks. Excavation can be dangerous, which is why it must be performed by a team of professionals with the necessary expertise and tools to ensure that the operation runs smoothly.

The work must be done by an expert in French or rain drains and in foundation crack repair. Pro-Drain has the expertise and respects government standards in order to offer you the best results.

Trust Pro-Drain plumbers for a Professional Drain Project and Quality Drainage

For your interior and exterior French drain repair or installation, trust a professional team with many years of experience. All emergency work is taken seriously and we make sure to make repairs as quickly as possible to the best of our abilities.

How to Install an Interior French Drain?

Interior French drain installation, also known as foundation drain, is popular because it does not require excavation of the entire property. French drains do not require a lot of space and the repair work is much smaller.

The installation of an interior French drain is done from the basement of the property. The drain is installed with a trench in the concrete slab along the foundation walls of the property. The drain is then placed in the ground and covered with concrete. The installation of an interior French drain is a major renovation and planning is required. Be aware that the interior drain can be installed or renovated at any time of the year, unlike the exterior drain which cannot be worked on in winter due to the frozen ground.

How to Install an Exterior French Drain?

In Quebec, most homes have an exterior French drain. We have a procedure and several steps that we follow to guarantee a professional installation or repair.

What Are the Steps Involved in the Installation of French Drains ?

We follow the construction code strictly when installing drains:

  • Soil analysis and needs assessment
  • Install protection
  • Determine the area where water could be evacuated (ditch, sewer, well, etc.)
  • Excavation of the ground
  • Compact the foundation
  • Install the foundation drain
  • Connect the drain to the catch basin
  • Cover the pipes with a bed of crushed stones (also called drainage stones) to give access to the excess water.
  • Install a geotextile membrane to filter water from debris
  • Repair cracks in the foundation, install waterproofing membrane against the wall
  • Clean the ground

What Are the Benefits of a French Drain?

  • Prevents water accumulation
  • Helps control the humidity level in basements
  • Easy to install during the construction of a building
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Eliminates toxic materials and harmful organisms
  • Protects your property
  • Lifespan of approximately 30 years

Maintenance of French Drains and Storm Drains

After a while, French drains can become clogged with dirt or debris. They should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure their efficiency and avoid complications. Regular maintenance also ensures a longer life for the drain. Checking the geotextile membrane and the waterproofing membrane is always recommended in case they have been damaged.

The Pro-Drain team specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of your drains. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment with one of our experts.

Emergency Excavation

Emergency services are important in plumbing! Water seepage doesn’t stop without a repair, which is why an efficient team must be hired for a job well done and quickly. If you are in an emergency situation and need a quick solution, don’t worry, the Pro-Drain team will be there as soon as possible. Our experts are available to answer all your needs morning, noon and night, 24 hours a day to ensure your peace of mind.

If you would like to have your drain inspected or if you have an emergency, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you and to offer solutions adapted to your needs.


Difference Between a French Drain and a Storm Drain

The storm drain is part of the drainage system on a property to help distribute rainwater. Attached to the gutters of the house, it catches rain or thaw water to prevent water from accumulating in the ground. The storm drain is separate from the sanitary drains, and carries only unsoiled water. The storm drain is connected to the storm sewers and is very important in areas where there is a lot of rain and water accumulation.

How Much Is the Installation of a French Drain?

The price of a French drain depends on several factors. Here are some factors that will be part of the final billing when installing or repairing a French drain: materials needed to do the work, drain replacement in case of a repair, price of labor, pipes needed, excavation of the land, or for an interior drain, the demolition of the concrete slab of a foundation.

Be aware that even with the above price estimates, the cost is very likely to change from one case to another. All foundations are different, and inconveniences are to be expected.

Cost of Exterior French Drain Repair or Installation

For the installation or replacement of an exterior French drain, prices vary between $15,000 and $20,000. This includes all stages of the work. The necessary excavation and digging, the installation of the drain in the ground, the installation of gravel and crushed stones, the installation of the membrane with water filter, the necessary materials such as pipes and the pump. This price does not take into consideration things that need to be removed to do the excavation such as a patio, a balcony or even a driveway.

Cost of an Interior French Drain Repair and Installation

The interior drain varies similarly to the exterior drain, but the price is usually lower. The cost covers the demolition of the concrete slab as well as the reconstruction of the area after the drain is installed in the ground. You can save a lot of money because it does not require removing a patio, balcony, or driveway along the foundation.

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